Monday, July 23, 2007

Acadia National Park Hiking and Rain

It is Time to Get Up!

Monday we were up early to meet a park ranger for a hike up South Bubble. The theme of the hike was "Mountain Mysteries" the geology of Mount Desert Island. The main attraction for the boys was Bubble Rock. It is a large erratic deposited by the glaciers of the last ice age that seems to be balanced on the edge of the mountain.

After the hike we went down to the Jordan Pond House for lunch. We all enjoyed the pop overs. After lunch the boys gathered blueberries from the nearby bushes. The weather started to turn to rain after lunch and instead of hiking some more we hopped in the car made a stop at the visitors center where Joe and Ned received their Junior Ranger badges. Then we drove the park loop road stopping at Thunder Hole.

After dinner we went to the ranger program at the campground but the rain became to heavy and we headed off to bed.

Metamorphic Rocks are Like Play-Doh

Where is Bubble Rock From?

Are They Ones to Push Over Bubble Rock?

Joe Samples a Popover on the Lawn at Jordan Pond House

Joe Shows off his Haul of Blueberries

Joe and Ned are Tested for Junior Ranger

The Boys Take Their Junior Ranger Oath

The Precipice Trial up Mount Champlain

Thunder Hole at a Quiet Moment

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mary.skiver said...

Monday looks like it was another great day, full of amazing sites and good food. What was the jr ranger pledge- I solemnly swear to wear tie dye shirts and funny hats?