Wednesday, July 11, 2007

To State College and Back

Ned Inside Grandma's Booth

Today, Wednesday, we went to State College, PA. Actually the trip was to Boalsburg, PA where Grandma is participating in the The People's Choice Festival. We went to help set up her booth (The Tole Booth) and to spend a little more time with her and Grandpa since they are there until Sunday and we leave for Cape Cod on Friday.

There was a downpour while we were setting up the booth but we muddled through. After setting up the booth we went into State College and had dinner at The Olde College Diner. Of course we had grilled stickies with ice cream. We bought a box to take with us so Mom can have some.

Joe Loves Grilled Stickies

Carlisle, PA to State College, PA, 180 miles 3hrs 56min

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mary.skiver said...

Yum, grilled stickies. That sounds good.