Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hike to Nowhere

Joe and Ned, Showing off Scraped Knees, on the Trial to Flat Rock Vista

Today the boys and I went on a hike. I picked the Flat Rock Trail to the Flat Rock Vista overlooking the Cumberland Valley. It starts in Colonel Denning State Park and goes straight up the side of the mountain for 2.5 miles.

I found out that I need to do some more walking. We were about three fourths of the way up the trail when I started feeling bad. We were about a tenth of mile from the top and the vista when I had to stop. Joe was very concerned and was glad that I chose to return to the trailhead. After getting back down and having a rest I felt better.

We took the long way to the park and drove on a number of logging roads through state forest lands. It was a beautiful day other than the part of the hike where I thought I was going to pass out.

We went into Carlisle for dinner and stopped by the burial ground to visit one of Carlisle's more famous dead, Molly Pitcher. The boys really liked the graveyard and we spent some time counting the number and kinds of veteran flags next to graves. We found a lot of Revolutionary and Civil War veterans along with the occasional War of 1812, Spanish American War and WWI.

Joe and Ned Standing by of Molly Pitcher

Carlisle to Colonel Denning State Park 70 miles 5 hrs 20 min

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